Hazardous Location Lighting

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Oil Exploration, Production & Maintenance, Offshore Oil RigsWhat are Hazardous Locations & Why use Hazardous Location Lighting? Hazardous Locations are found in industries that process, use or manufacture materials that may give rise to flammable atmospheres.  Such flammable materials included: gas, mist, liquid, dusts or even small fibers that are potentially explosive in nature. Typical industries include: Oil and Gas, Petrochemical Refining and Processing, Fuel Storage, Chemical Manufacturing, and Power Generation. Other industries include: Car Manufacturing, Water Treatment, Pharmaceutical, Distilleries, Food Manufacturers, Aviation, Military, and Painting.

Lighting used in these HazLoc areas must be equipped with special wiring and other electrical components for safety purposes. You can rely on the Hazardous Location Lighting solutions from Western Technology to safely provide light where you need it — even under the harshest indoor and outdoor conditions. The TOUGHEST Portable Class I, Class II, and Class III certified lighting available.

Visit the OSHA Website for more information on Hazardous (classified) locations: [ Click Here ]

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