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Model 7000-100-10 Incandescent Explosion Proof Drop Light (Stringer)Model 7000-100-5 Incandescent Explosion Proof Drop Light (Stringer)

Model 7000 Series


Incandescent Explosion Proof Drop Light


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Product Description

Model 7000 | Incandescent Explosion Proof Drop Light

The Model 7000 Incandescent Explosion Proof Drop Light is designed to provide an effective lighting solution for operators requiring a versatile source of illumination. The housing is constructed of aluminum with a rubber bumper guard making it rain tight and weather proof. This hazardous location hand lamp is Class 1, Division 1 approved and equipped with a 100 watt bulb. This explosion proof drop light with optional stringer configurations is ideal for hazardous work areas where a ready source of easily managed lighting is desired.

Product Features

Approved for:

Class I, Div 1, Groups C & D (100W max)
Class II, Div 1, Groups F & G (75W max)
Class I, Zone 1, Group IIB

Conforms to:

UL E30252

Certified to:

CSA LR39801

UL Temperature Rating:

T3B (160°C)


NEMA 5-15 (power cord)

Designed to:

NEC Article 500


Rain tight & weather proof

Bulb Type:

Incandescent- size: A21


100W (75W option)

Fixture Lumens:

1,600 lumens (100W)

Fixture Voltage:

250V max
Voltage w/ plug 120V AC
12 Volt available upon request with inline transformer

Material/ Construction:

Non-Sparking Aluminum
Tempered Glass Globe
Rubber Bumpers


Full swivel hook


Model 7000 (Single lighthead)
7000-100-5 (5 lighthead, 100W stringer)
7000-100-10 (10 lighthead, 100W stringer)