Drop Lights

Drop lights also known as a rough service lights, trouble lights, or inspection lamps are typically for temporary use to illuminate obscure places. The “light bulbs” are typically housed in a protective cage and include a handle for portability. Drop lights also include some kind of hanging or hook for hands-free use.  We offer drop lights that use incandescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, or our preferred choice LED. LEDs are more energy efficient, more durable, and offer more lumens per watt compared to incandescents.

We specialize in explosion proof drop lights intended for use in hazardous areas such as in petrochemical plants. They will have features designed to prevent ignition of flammable gas around the lamp, such as heavy sealed lamp enclosures and guards to protect lamps from breaking. Check out The STRIKER™ | Hand-held Explosion Proof Drop Light: Blasting, Drop Light, Inspection, Painting … One Work Light, Many Applications!

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